The DO’s and DON’Ts of CV writing!

The DO’s and DON’Ts of CV writing!


There are no hard and fast rules when writing a CV but these 20 points are seriously worth taking into account.

The 10 DO’s

1)  It should be short (max 2 pages) and in your own words.
2)  First page should contain personal details:  contact numbers, address etc.
3)  Your CV should be neat, to-the-point and accurate.
4)  It should always be typed.
5)  Use good quality, white paper.
6)  Emphasize your skills and that are relevant to the position (eg computers).
7)  Emphasize achievements that are relevant to the position (eg driver’s license).
8)  Include a COVER LETTER.
9)  Proof read your CV.  Get someone else to proof read it too!  Grammar and spelling mistakes tell the employer you don’t care and that you’re sloppy.
10)  Be honest at all times.  Employers will do background checks.

The 10 DON’Ts

1)  Don’t use bright coloured papers, patterns or graphics.
2)  Don’t use weird type styles.  Stick to Times New Roman, Arial or similar.
3)  Don’t use type smaller than 11pt.  Don’t use larger than 14pt for headings.
4)  Don’t include negative or irrelevant information.
5)  Don’t lie about your skills, abilities or achievements.
6)  Never use acronyms, abbreviations or txt language.
7)  Don’t write long paragraphs.  Keep to short, bulleted paragraphs.  It’s more effective and easier to read.  Limit your use of BOLD and underlining.
8)  Don’t forget to tell your references about your application, so they’re not surprised when somebody calls them.
9)  Don’t muddle up your employment section:  work backwards in time from your current position (just like on Twitter and Facebook updates).
10) Don’t give up!  BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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